For the Final Episode of Season 2, We Are Joined by Special Guest Host Robb Engen

Final: Season 2 Episode 11

With Special Host Robb Engen

On this episode of the Because Money Podcast, we are joined by Season 1 host Robb Engen who is Echo and the popular finance Blog Boomer and Echo. Robb set out to compliment his full time job with side gigs that would allow him more flexibility in his budget and meet his family’s savings goals. He turned to finance blogging, and shares some of his journey!

Because Money Podcast Hosts

Sandi Martin

Sandi Martin

Seasons 1 & 2

Sandi Martin is a fee-only financial planner and the owner of Spring Personal Finance. Sandi focuses on what she calls “financial planning for regular people”. Having spent 7 years working in the banks at a branch level, Sandi finally decided to go out on her own because of the conflict in aligning the banks sales targets with the time necessary to provide her clients with excellent customer service. Sandi’s writing is a great mix of knowledge, passion and humour. You can find her blog here. To learn more about what a fee-only financial advisor does, or if you want to have a conversation with Sandi, contact her anytime.
Jackson Middleton

Jackson Middleton

Seasons 1 & 2

Jackson Middleton is known widely on the internets as “The Kilted Broker” and is the owner of a marketing company that works with Canada’s most successful Mortgage Brokers. Jackson is a family man living on Vancouver Island with his wife, 4 kids, and 15 chickens. He was a mortgage broker for many years before pursuing his passion of social media and marketing founding KiltedMedia in 2014. He is probably wearing a kilt right now and has consumed coffee today, he is an innovator, entrepreneur, food enthusiast, mortgage industry commentator, bass player, and producer of several national podcasts including #BecauseMoney.
Robb Engen

Robb Engen

Season 1

Robb Engen is “Echo” from the very popular Canadian personal finance blog Boomer & Echo. You may also recognize Robb from his work as a contributing author for many of the major news outlets in Canada. A quick Google search reveals that Robb is quite the authority when it comes to personal finance in Canada writing for many publications. Robb tells stories from his personal experience and although he doesn’t know exactly what his future holds, he is certainly enjoying the journey! As a family man living on one income in southern Alberta, Robb loves to write and have conversations about money, savings strategies & investing tips.
Kyle Prevost

Kyle Prevost

Season 2

Kyle Prevost is an expert in personal finance and student life. Drawing on personal experience, he co-authored the critically-acclaimed work: More Money for Beer and Textbooks – A Financial Guide for Today’s Canadian Student. Kyle also writes for several of Canada’s leading personal finance blogs including two he co-owns: & Kyle has also been nominated for several awards as one of Canada’s preeminent personal finance bloggers. Kyle also enjoys a career as a high school teacher and shares his passion of personal finance with his students!

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